Deane & Company Political Reporting

Assemblymember Jim Cooper, 9th Assembly District

I have utilized Deane & Company services during all of my campaigns; City Council, Sheriff and the State Assembly and continue to use them now that I am serving in the California State Assembly. I found them to be responsive and professional. They made complying with the numerous, confusing reporting requirements for each election relatively stress-free, enabling me to focus on the bigger picture of winning. I would highly recommend Deane & Company.


Tracy Zeluff, President GroundWorks Campaigns

We love Deane and Company! Our work is complicated, fast-paced and constantly changing. Matt and Shawnda are unfailingly hard-working, smart and good-humored in providing a solid infrastructure for our business and solving problems when they come up. We could not do what we do without them!


James C. Harrison Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, LLP

Shawnda and her team at Deane & Company are very responsive to client needs and are a pleasure to work with.


Vice Mayor City of Sacramento Angelique Ashby client since 2009

Deane & Company has been a key component to the successful management of my career as both a candidate and an elected official. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, accessible and provides critical oversight to my campaign finances on an ongoing basis. This Sacramento based company has a stellar reputation. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants accurate accountings and reliable oversight to the financial components required of their political accounts.


Assemblymember Das Williams, 37th Assembly District

I've been working with Deane & Co. since I first ran for the Assembly in 2010 and have not only been impressed by their expertise in reporting rules and laws but also with how responsive they are to me as a client. My staff and I always get our questions answered quickly, which is extremely important with our fast-paced schedules.


Dan Weitzman, King of Kings

Shawnda Deane & Company are an incredible asset to my clients. They are extremely competent, efficient and easy to work with in our very fast pace world. I also appreciate their attention to detail and friendly demeanor. Their work is top notch.


Lisa Gasperoni, Owner LG Campaigns

I have worked with Deane & Company on a number of campaigns over many years. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable, and they understand the tight deadlines involved in campaigns. Their work is exceptional.


Shawn Terris, County Democratic Party Controller

Your company's service is above reproach in the Professional Treasurer industry. In fact, you are the only firm I would recommend, and recommend strongly, to potential clients.

Consistently for years, the 5 Deane & Co. staff who have provided services to the Ventura County Democratic Party (VCDP), have been accurate, timely, responsive, and informative. Those 5 staff have been very easy to work with and makes my job so easy. It's obvious, through their actions and attitude, that they value the VCDP as a customer and always goes the extra mile to help me, as VCDP's Controller, to make sure I follow campaign finance laws and to raise issues I have not thought of but should have.

Your staff are excellent communicators, which leaves no question about what needs to be done and why. Furthermore, they always submit completed staff work.

I have dealt with two other highly regarded Professional Treasurer firms and they pale in comparison to the services Deane & Co. provides in all aspects. In fact, I believe Deane & Co. sets the standard for customer excellence regardless of the industry.

Lastly, Deane & Co.'s rates are very reasonable!


Amber Maltbie, General Counsel, Fem Dems of Sacramento

Shawnda is a kick ass political treasurer - I literally sleep better at night because of her. She runs her shop like a well-oiled machine. You need it, she can do it, and somehow manages to be available 24 hours a day. Shawnda's staff is responsive and fun.


Joshua Walters, Lobbyist, Capitol Strategies Group

Deane & Company works seamlessly behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly and without incident. Yet when a campaign crisis strikes and you need to do the impossible, Shawnda and her team always find a way to get it done. Deane & Company is an essential partner to my campaign team.


Assemblymember Jim Wood, Assembly District 2

As a client, I have found Deane & Company to be extremely efficient and responsive. In the complex world of political campaigns it is comforting to know that the accounting and reporting are completely covered letting me focus on the rest of my campaign.